How to Plan A Home Network Party/Event

Written by Joycelyn Lewis on

Step 1

Establish a theme that will reflect what invitees will do besides listen to sales pitches. Honestly, people sometimes want to know what food will be served. They want to know who will be at the party and whether those attending will be someone they’d like to spend a few hours. Because people can be very fickle with their time, you want to conjure up an idea that would interest people.

Who will come if you’re having a “Barbeque Network Party”? Or a “Block Network Party” where neighbors will come because of the family fun, food, and activities surrounding small ‘vendor’ tables”? Will mothers want to come and be pampered while listening to sales pitches at a “Relaxation Network Party”? A friend of mine threw this idea out at a meeting: Make a theme for the network party.

Step 2

Once you have a theme, then you list those who might be interested based on the theme of the party. Encourage inviting a guest. Offer giveaways for attending. (See step 4.) (All the while, be cautious about who you will allow into your home for this purpose.)

Again, concerning a neighborhood barbeque, if you just want to invite several neighbors to the home networking party, pull them in with some barbeque aroma and let them know that they are welcome to come eat and listen to some sales pitches while chowing.

Step 3

Now, call on people who would love to attend and sell their products/services. Invite such representatives as those from Avon, Mary Kay, Body Shop etc… Invite an independent photographer to provide onsite services to your guests. Some people like to take networking pictures home with them. Or even photos of them in front of a backdrop if you can provide sufficient space for this type of setup.

Step 4

Provide small inexpensive giveaways for guests. (They will be even more inclined to come if you mention that there will be giveaways.) Giveaway ideas: hardcandy, inexpensive stationary pads, small packets of herbal tea bags, small lace pockets of potpouri, and others.

Step 5

Now, how would all of this benefit you, the host of the home networking party? You take the opportunity to market or sell your own products/services right alongside other established businesses in your home/hall.

Enjoy :)