October is Cyber Security Month

Written by Joycelyn Lewis on

Your password should be like your toothbrush

  • Choose a good one
  • Change it regularly
  • Never share it!
  • Why you should get into the habit of protecting your business from the growing online threat attacks. How would this affect your business? How quickly would you be able to get up and running if you had an attack?

    The national cyber security centre has a new guide for small businesses to help you with making sure that you are compliant, safe and advices on how to get started.

    1 in 5 businesses have fallen victim to cyber-attacks in the past year and are rising, more than 1,200 businesses across the UK had been hit in the last 12 months, bigger companies are more than likely to be hit than their smaller counterparts. A quarter of businesses have cyber security accreditations in place with smaller businesses are far less to have these. Companies are relying on their IT departments to resolve cyber-attacks. Whilst this is true, staff need to be trained and be much more aware of emails and files that are being sent to them, even from people that they know. Staff training in this area of cyber security is still lacking across the UK with over 50% not having any training at all.

    Ask your line manager or IT department for further training or guidance.

    Keeping safe online is everybody’s business.