Fundamental Changes In Sourcing Business Support

Written by Joycelyn Lewis on

Forgive the often used phrase, but... we really are living through the most incredible period of change, particularly when it comes to the working environment. Historically, people have always been required to attend their employer's offices or premises to collaborate with their colleagues, however, for many, this element of travel is no longer necessary.

Similarly, many businesses have found themselves in an all or nothing situation in regards to staffing, where they waited until they were stressed to the limit and completely overrun with work before taking steps to employ staff, because of common concerns around whether they can keep employees in work and justify the paying of their wages.

However both these scenarios are no longer necessary and over recent years the way business owners manage their day-to-day operations has started to change, for three main reasons:

#1 Online Systems

Immeasurable technological developments have changed many aspects of our working life and culture. The multitude of online systems and their vast range of functionality means that it's possible to carry out almost any background supporting task online. Furthermore, in many cases it's more efficient and effective too.

#2 Global Access to Skilled Professionals

The right person to support your business may not live within a commutable distance! In addition to the online business systems themselves, there are also platforms that facilitate the contracting of skilled professionals located across the world. Businesses are no longer limited to hiring within their immediate geographical area, but can contract individuals or companies with the specific skill sets that they require, regardless of location.

#3 Cost-Cutting

In recent memory there's been an economic downturn and the potential for another in the near future is an almost constant threat. During such times, businesses look at their outgoings and assess where savings can be made. Just considering the obvious costs of rent, utility bills, furniture and equipment for staff, before getting into the costs and complications around hiring staff, there's clearly a significantly reduced cost involved in running an online office and outsourcing your support roles. For this reason, many businesses come to the realisation that considerable cost and efficiency savings can be made by hiring virtual assistants, rather than in-house employees.

The Perfect Support Option

These fundamental changes have created the perfect environment for virtual assistants to step up as an outstanding flexible support option. Using a range of online systems such as Skype, Slack and Active Collab to communicate and collaborate on projects and tasks, VAs are able to be highly efficient and productive and can effectively support your business through applying a wide array of skills, including writing, editing, scheduling and engaging on social media, bookkeeping, project planning, website creation, preparing design elements and graphics among others.

VAs are committed to supporting their clients and often become an integral part of business operations, including its success and growth strategy. They can also contribute to the stability and scalability of the business. For instance, using VAs can make it easier for companies to scale their staffing requirements up or down, so instead of worrying about trying to recruit and train employees, you can request that your VAs bring further team members on-board as and when needed to ensure your organisation can react responsively and remain competitive at all times.