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Ideas For Outsourcing Your Multimedia Projects Online

Written by Joycelyn Lewis on 12 November 2018
Ideas For Outsourcing Your Multimedia Projects Online

There is no doubt whatsoever that when it comes to the various different types of media online, video has become the undoubted favourite. Maybe it shouldn't come as a complete shock to us as almost everyone prefers to watch a moving image rather than read something else in order to pick up the same information. Both video and audio represent dynamic media options as they are now available and accessible to every small-business owner online. There is quite a lot to appreciate, technically, however but your virtual assistant knows exactly what to do.

Taking the Stress out of Business Travel

Written by Joycelyn Lewis on 05 November 2018
Taking the Stress out of Business Travel

When you’re trying to stay productive, business travel can take away your ability to get things done. It can be a tricky, time-consuming process to fit the rest of your working life around the practicalities of getting from A to B.

But whether you’re headed to a meeting, commuting to the office, or going overseas, careful planning can take the stress right out of business travel. With the right preparation, you can keep disruption to a minimum – and even keep working on the move.

There are just three key areas to consider: the parts of your journey you can control, the potential issues you can’t, and what you can get done while you’re travelling.

A VA Is The Perfect Strategic Partner

Written by Joycelyn Lewis on 29 October 2018

If you're doing everything you can to try to remain competitive in your business, but you just don't feel you can get to everything that needs to be done - or even know everything that needs to be done for that matter, then you desperately need to consider hiring a strategic VA who specialises in efficiency - you can read about the finer points in this post!

Improve Your Work/Life Balance Through Delegation

Written by Joycelyn Lewis on 15 October 2018

Have you been building your online business and come to the realisation the only way to scale up is to delegate on a larger scale? Once this understanding is reached, careful planning is necessary to effectively achieve your goals of a better business, with more profit and free time for you too - read on to find out more!

End of Summer Sale 2018

Written by on 05 September 2018
End of Summer Sale 2018

If you have just started up in business or need a little extra hand with your administration tasks, Imani VA Services are offering for a limited time only 50% off our monthly package for start ups.

Getting Your Time Back With A VA

Written by Joycelyn Lewis on 03 September 2018
Getting Your Time Back With A VA

Are you working way too many hours in the day on your growing business? If so, it's definitely worth taking a close look at your work/life balance and ways you can achieve more personal freedom, whilst also potentially increasing your profits too. Read this post for a few helpful tips!

Fundamental Changes In Sourcing Business Support

Written by Joycelyn Lewis on 13 August 2018

In this article we explore how the fundamental changes in business support are revolutionising business today, particularly through the use of online systems and global access to skilled professionals (VAs), then we touch on the incredible cost efficiencies that are part and parcel of these developments - and how you can take advantage of these benefits for yourself, too!

6 Reasons Why Implementing An Online Office Will Help Your Business

Written by Joycelyn Lewis on 23 July 2018

If you could increase your efficiency in business, free up time, improve client experience, increase profit, build a better team and be infinitely more competitive with a single, cost-effective decision - would you consider moving forward? Of course you would! Learn how you can revolutionise your business, now.