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Taking the Stress out of Business Travel

Written by Joycelyn Lewis on 16 June 2017
Taking the Stress out of Business Travel

When you’re trying to stay productive, business travel can take away your ability to get things done. It can be a tricky, time-consuming process to fit the rest of your working life around the practicalities of getting from A to B.

But whether you’re headed to a meeting, commuting to the office, or going overseas, careful planning can take the stress right out of business travel. With the right preparation, you can keep disruption to a minimum – and even keep working on the move.

There are just three key areas to consider: the parts of your journey you can control, the potential issues you can’t, and what you can get done while you’re travelling.

How Virtual Assistants Can Help You Interpret "The Signal".

Written by Joycelyn Lewis on 14 June 2017

There is scarcely a business task that cannot be outsourced to a virtual assistant. This is particularly true when it comes to marketing and promoting a business. Marketing is of course the lifeblood of any organisation and cannot be ignored, even when times are lean. The company that is not focusing on marketing is essentially falling backward when compared to its peers and opponents. There are so many different facets to marketing, yet it's essentially about that all-important USP, or unique selling proposition.

Find Out Why Virtual Assistants Have Their Finger On The SEO Pulse

Written by Joycelyn Lewis on 12 June 2017

At one time, less than 50% of typical business owners maintained an online presence, but this situation is rapidly changing. In most recent times the financial downturn forced business owners to look into alternative ways of enticing customers to consider their products and services. Conventional methods of marketing didn't seem to be working as well anymore, if at all.